Seafire are a Dutch band that tries to explore new avenues with every offering.

Combining the experience gained in previous bands, the members formed Seafire in 2014. The journey was kick-started by the recording of a live version of  ‘Chasing the Sun’ in the summer of 2015, while the single ‘Step in the light’ followed at the end of 2015.

2016 sees the release of the first Seafire EP, followed by shows in the Netherlands and the UK.

On October 25 2017 Seafire released their long-awaited anthem ‘The Blue Sky’ – watch the video below!

What others say..
“Dutch band doing a ripe and rounded post punk art rock affair with intense playing and equally fraught vocals in an angular, obtuse grunge style…psychedelic at that, like a grunge late era Beatles. Pounding and powerful, a bit Bob Mold, a bit Stones/Replacements, low slung and cool.”
(Bugbear Bookings)

Seafire are:

Jeroen Kunst: vocals
Sebastiaan Kunst: guitar
Ben Eeftingh: guitar/vocals
Michiel Hendrikse: drums
Jarno Klaucke: bass


Seafire recently released their eagerly awaited new single ‘The Blue Sky’! We are proud to present the video to you – directed by Tim Lechner and recorded at Der Aa Kerk in Groningen, the Netherlands and Folkestone, England.

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LIVE 2016

5 May 2016 // live at O’Ceallaigh Irish pub // GRONINGEN
2 December 2016 // EP presentation at O’Ceallaigh Irish pub // GRONINGEN

LIVE 2018

18 January 2018 // live at EUROSONIC // Venue: Link050, Oude Ebbingestraat 55 GRONINGEN
2 February 2018 // live at Pop Groningen Talent Award // VEENDAM
9 February 2018 // live at Cafe Bull’s Eye // ASSEN
17 March 2018 // live at Talent Battle Rabo GrasPoll // BAFLO
30 March 2018 // live at New Café Image // ASSEN
30 June 2018 // live at Koepeltjesfestival // EELDE

LIVE 2017

12 January 2017 // The Dublin Castle // LONDON
12 February 2017 // live at Rode Oortjes Festival // GRONINGEN
24 February 2017 // live at Pop Groningen Talent Award //
17 March 2017 // live at Lola // GRONINGEN
1 April 2017 // live at Lassie Toverrock Festival // IT MASKELYN (Fr.)
9 April 2017 // live at Vleugelfestival // HAREN
13 April 2017 // live at Simplon // GRONINGEN
23 April 2017 // live at Echt Erik radio show //
24 June 2017 // live at Het Pakhuis // GRONINGEN
1 July 2017 // live at Koepeltjesfestival // EELDE


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